2015 Creation Care Scholars Inspired by Center’s Ground-Breaking Film

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2015 Creation Care Scholars Inspired by Center’s Ground-Breaking Film

A generous grant from the Hoghton Family Charitable Trust enabled Dr. Susan Emmerich to conduct the Creation Care Practicum on May 16 in conjunction with the 2015 Law, Justice, and Culture Institute. The one-day course gave students a biblical view of stewardship as it relates to God’s created order. This pioneering faith-based approach to creation care is documented in the Center’s award-winning film When Heaven Meets Earth, which features Dr. Emmerich’s work of mediating the controversy between environmentalists and the watermen of Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Students watched the film and discussed it in light of the creation stewardship principles taught in the practicum.

The Creation Care Practicum was attended by nine students, eight of whom received the Richard Aker Scholarship, designed to support the Center’s Creation Care Program of the Center, of which Dr. Emmerich is the director.

Creation Care Concentration

Dr. Susan Emmerich is a nationally known speaker on community-based environmental stewardship and conflict resolution. She serves as Director of Special Programs at the Economic Alliance of Kankakee County.

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