The Center works to glorify God, serve our neighbor, and care for creation

The Center for Law and Culture achieves its mission to recover the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding that law is based on a moral order grounded in God’s authority as Creator through educational initiatives designed to inspire students and concerned citizens to serve God faithfully in the fields of law, government, and politics.

About the Center for Law and Culture


In accordance with this mission—particularly as it relates to the public duties to glorify God, serve our neighbor, and care for creation—the Center has launched three basic initiatives:

  • The Law, Justice and Culture Institute: Equips students for careers in law, government and public policy by providing worldview education in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
  • The Religious Liberty Project: Generates resources emphasizing the importance of higher law theory and liberty of conscience in the Western legal tradition.
  • The Creation Care Program: Produces resources and conducts seminars promoting moral and legal obligations to be good stewards of creation.

Read the history of the Center for Law and Culture for more information.

The following scholars helped in formulating the initial vision of the Center for Law and Culture:

  • Politics and Law Professor Charles J. Emmerich
  • Theologians J.I. Packer and Harold O.J. Brown
  • Federal Appellate Judge Michael McConnell
  • Bio-ethicists Nigel Cameron and John Kilner
  • Political Theorist J. Budziszewski
  • Law Professor Phillip Johnson

The following law firms have contributed to the Center for Law and Culture:

  • Hoogendoorn and Talbot, LLP
  • Ruff, Weidenaar & Reidy, Ltd.
  • Davis & Kuelthau, S. C.

The following institutions have contributed to the Center for Law and Culture (partial list):

  • Andrew Allen Charitable Foundation
  • Bradshaw-Knight Foundation
  • The Emmerich Foundation
  • Goldsmith Weiss Foundation
  • Mark Chapin Johnson Foundation
  • Life Ministries
  • Louis Nayovitz Foundation
  • Sumner T. McKnight Foundation
  • Powerware, Inc.

The following churches have contributed to the Center:

  • Moraine Valley Community Church (Palos Heights, IL)
  • Palos Heights Christian Reformed Church (Palos Heights, IL)
  • Peoples Church (Bourbonnais, IL)
  • Springdale Church of the Nazarene (Cincinnati, OH)