Three initiatives are at the core of the Center for Law and Culture

The Center for Law and Culture restores truth in law through educational initiatives in the Judeo-Christian tradition. These initiatives inspire students and concerned citizens to serve God faithfully in the fields of law, government, and politics.

In accordance with this mission—particularly as it relates to the public duties to glorify God, serve our neighbor, and care for creation—the Center has launched three basic initiatives:

The Law, Justice and Culture InstituteThe Law, Justice and Culture Institute:

Challenging talented college students from various institutions to formulate a vibrant, biblical ethic of leadership in law, government, and politics.

Religious LibertyThe Religious Liberty Initiative:

Producing a major treatise and conducting seminars exploring the development and centrality of religious liberty in the Anglo-American tradition.

Creation CareThe Creation Care Program:

Educating and organizing citizens and communities for creation care, sustainability, and reconciliation through practicums and award-winning films, including When Heaven Meets Earth.