Creation Care

Educating citizens and communities concerning their moral and legal obligations

The principal goal of the Creation Care Program is to educate citizens and communities concerning their moral and legal obligations to be good stewards of God’s creation. The program conducts research, produces resources, and hosts seminars promoting creation care and the peaceful resolution of conflicts between environmentalists and local communities.

In doing so, the program employs the faith-based approach pioneered by Dr. Susan D. Emmerich in an initiative known as the Tangier Watermen’s Stewardship for the Chesapeake (TaSC), which involved a controversy between environmentalists and the watermen of Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

When Heaven Meets EarthThis approach was featured in two award winning films. The latest DVD titled When Heaven Meets Earth: How a Faithful Few Changed Everything won the “Redemptive Film Festival” award. Between Heaven and Earth: The Plight of the Chesapeake Bay Watermen won the Telly and Aurora Film Festival Awards. Faith-Based Stewardship Spreads to the Urban and Suburban Communities chronicles the beginning of a faith-based and racial reconiliation stewardship intiative in Berlin, Maryland. To purchase When Heaven Meets Earth and Between Heaven and Earth, please visit the When Heaven Meets Earth website.