Learn answers to the most frequently asked questions

1.  Who should I contact if I have any questions?
Questions concerning the Institute should be directed to Zach Bohannon, the 2015 LJC Institute Coordinator, at zbohanno@olivet.edu or 815.936.3907.

2.  Where should I go initially for information about Olivet Nazarene University?
Visiting students are encouraged to learn more about the Center by looking through this website, and more about Olivet by checking out www.olivet.edu. Olivet’s website contains a wealth of information, including a virtual tour of the campus, maps, and directions to the College.

3.  When is the first session of the Institute? What does it entail?
The first Institute session for visiting students is a campus orientation. The orientation will begin on Monday, May 18, at 10:00 a.m. at Olivet’s Admissions Office. The orientation will include a tour of the campus, a trip to the bookstore and several other locations, a time for Q & A, and a free lunch.

4.  When should I arrive at Olivet Nazarene University? When can I depart Olivet?
Given that the first session is on Monday morning, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the College on Sunday evening, May 17. If you are traveling by airplane, it is preferred that you fly into Midway Airport; however, if the airfares into Midway are not competitively priced, it is acceptable to fly into O’Hare Airport. In either case, the Center will make arrangements to provide transportation to and from the airports, both on the first and last days of the Institute. To make these arrangements contact Zach Bohannon (see question 1). Students are free to depart after the Institute’s graduation dinner on Friday, May 29, which will end at about 8:30 p.m. For those traveling by air, flights should be scheduled for Saturday morning (at a reasonable hour) or Saturday afternoon.

5.  How do I get to Olivet? How do I find my way around campus?
Olivet’s website contains directions to the College, as well as campus maps (see question 2). In addition, visiting students will be given a tour of the campus on the first day of the Institute.

6.  Once I get to Olivet, how do I check into my dormitory?
An Olivet student will be available on Sunday, May 17, to assist you with checking into your dorm room. Please make sure to coordinate your arrival time with Zach Bohannon (see question 1), so we can facilitate this process. Unless alternative arrangements are made, the payment for housing in the dormitory (approximately $130) is due when the Institute begins.

7.  What options do I have for meals during the Institute?
There are numerous, affordable restaurants in the surrounding area. About one-third of your meals will be provided free by the Center for Law and Culture.

8.  How do I calculate my final tuition cost?
The tuition cost for taking the Institute for academic credit (3 hours) is $1266 ($422 per credit hour). The $250 deposit sent in with your registration form will be deducted from this tuition cost. In addition, the early registration discount ($50), Center scholarship ($475), and any other arranged stipends (travel, etc.) will be deducted, as appropriate, to yield your final tuition balance. The Center for Law and Culture will mail you a financial statement before the beginning of the Institute. If you have any questions about your tuition balance, contact Zach Bohannon (see question 1). Unless alternative arrangements are made, the balance of tuition is due when the Institute begins.

9.  When does the Institute meet?
The Institute meets for two weeks: Monday through Friday, May 18-22, and Monday through Friday, May 25-29. In general, classes are held between 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. each day. In addition, there will be one dinner (pizza) movie-night each week, concluding by about 8:30 p.m. A sight-seeing excursion to Chicago is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 23.

10.  What should students bring to the LJC course?
Students should bring a curious mind, a willingness to participate in robust dialogue, an appetite for both learning and food (many free meals will be provided by the Center), and a desire for a fun learning experience. In addition, students should bring a Bible (ESV, English Standard Version, or NIV, New International Version, are generally used in class, but other translations are welcome). Students who are living on campus should bring their own pillows and bedding and enough money for about 18-20 meals (mostly breakfasts and lunches). Information on local restaurants will be given on the first day of the Institute.

11.  What is the appropriate attire for Institute classes and events?
Casual, modest dress (for those from California, Florida, and other tropical-type places, no tank tops or beach attire, please) is appropriate for class sessions. For example, shorts, nice blue jeans, and t-shirts with sleeves are acceptable. More formal attire is required for the graduation dinner; by way of example, women should wear a dress or blouse/slacks and men should wear a button-down shirt and trousers (a tie is appropriate, but not necessary).

12.  Is there a reading assignment for the first day of class?
Yes. Due to the intensive nature of the Institute, there will be assigned readings for the first day of class (May 18), sent via emails Additional materials/readings will be provided to you on the first day of class.

Please direct your administrative, logistical, and financial questions to Zach Bohannon (see question 1), not to Prof. Charles Emmerich, as the latter will be focusing on the academic and curriculum aspects of the Institute.